A Quick TutorialΒΆ

Ok, if you’re impatient, this is the short short [1] version of getting setup with blogofile.

sudo easy_install blogofile
  • In a clean directory, initialize the bare bones sample site:
blogofile init simple_blog
  • Or, for a more complete sample blog (requires git):
blogofile init blogofile.com
  • Create some post files in the _posts directory. (see Posts)
  • Build the site:
blogofile build
  • Serve the site:
blogofile serve 8080

The next chapters explain this process in more detail.


  • Priest: Do you?
  • Vespa: Yes.
  • Priest: Do you?
  • Lone Star: I do.
  • Priest: Good! Fine! You’re married! Kiss Her!

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