A Quick TutorialΒΆ


This documents the 0.8 development version of Blogofile (also known as the plugins branch). There are also docs for 0.7.1, the current stable release.

Ok, if you’re impatient, this is the short short [1] version of getting setup with blogofile.

  • Install Blogofile and the blogofile_blog plugin, (see Installing Blogofile). Use a Python virtualenv or sudo as you wish.

    git clone git://github.com/EnigmaCurry/blogofile.git
    git clone git://github.com/EnigmaCurry/blogofile_blog.git
    cd blogofile
    python setup.py install
    cd ../blogofile_blog
    python setup.py install
  • Initialize a blog site in a directory call mysite:

    blogofile init mysite blog
  • Build the site:

    blogofile build -s mysite
  • Serve the site:

    blogofile serve -s mysite
  • Open your web browser to http://localhost:8080 to see the rendered site.

  • Explore the blogofile commands with blogofile help.

  • Create some post files in the _posts directory (see Posts)

The next chapters explain this process in more detail.


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  • Vespa: Yes.
  • Priest: Do you?
  • Lone Star: I do.
  • Priest: Good! Fine! You’re married! Kiss Her!